A letter to our friends.

Dearest Misfits,

The Misfit Gallery has been one of the most rewarding experiences Petra and I have ever had. The community that has formed around us since we began has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Providing a venue for artists to have their very first show, a safe place for children to excel in our after school art program, and a stage to filmmakers and musicians alike has been an absolute honor and privilege.  Our goal from the beginning was to create a fun space that would become everyone’s home away from home, and we feel as though Misfit is just that; a home, and you are all our family.

The unavoidable reality is the Misfit Gallery may be closing our doors. We have been struggling financially and supplementing all our income and savings back into the Gallery to keep it afloat. This has been exhausting and although we have high spirits and have scheduled some of our biggest events yet we are facing the grim reality.

Our lease is up in two months and unless we have the best two months of our history we will be forced to close the doors. So if you have ever had any thought of supporting the Misfit Gallery, now is the time.

We are not looking for a handout, we just hope everyone we know goes on a simultaneous art binge and saves Misfit Gallery.

This is a terribly difficult truth to write but I would rather create a possibility for success than inform you all at the last minute that we have to close the doors.

We are hoping for all your support.

With love,
Pierce and Petra Kavanagh




565 PEARL ST. #100 LA JOLLA, CA 92037
(858) 291 8553