As most of you know, I like to swim around with cameras. Maybe a bit too much, it seems. I was organizing my hard drives and since 2015 I have collected an excessive amount of water footage and combined with the extra time as of late I had no choice but to create something out of it. All of the video footage is going towards a very personal bodysurf/womp film called Sea Lion which I hope to finish up by the end of Summer.
(Thank you to everyone helping out with this one.)

With the photographs I would like to conduct a little experiment so I am offering up the original high resolution files for any project you would like create for only $10 a jpeg. In a nutshell, stock photography for waves but at a really good value. Initially, there were thousands of images that I edited down to the best several hundred so there are plenty of opportunities for all. The images are mostly beautiful waves but with some surfing, womping and random beach scenes thrown in as well. So if you need a custom sized photographs, banners, art pieces, advertising backgrounds, calendars, birthday cards, etc…take a look and let me know what you think.

Best Always and Keep Swimming
– Pierce Kavanagh

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