Action International Film Festival

October 18-19th, 2019

“TRYING TO CHANGE THE WORLD ONE FILM AT A TIME”Action Sports Films / Activism FilmsThe Action International Film Festival (AIFF) is a perfect blending of heart-racing, sweaty-palmed, adrenaline-soaked action sports films mixed with cinematic themes of global stewardship, environmental responsibility and pro-active sensibilities.

The AIFF gathers the global community every October in beautiful San Diego, California for 3 days and nights of amazing films, director-producer-actor Q&As, live music and art, expression-sessions and lively after- parties.

“As a festival director and filmmaker myself, I am privileged to see what I consider the most important films created year after year. We are creating ACTION! simply because everybody needs to see these films. It has been an honor to witness the maturity of this seemingly misfit genre that now rivals and at times surpasses most anything Hollywood offers. Each and every one of these films has the power to change your life.”
– Petra Kavanagh
AIFF Creator/Director