La Jolla Plein Air Series presented by the Misfit Gallery

We are pleased to carry on the fine tradition created by our wonderful friend Matt Beard during our San Diego Surf Film Festival last May. In what has become our La Jolla Plein Air Series, every month we will be pairing up iconic La Jolla seascapes with the most talented local and international artists we can find.

For our initial launch of the series, we are please to announce the Children’s Pool as our location and Victoria Huff  as our invited artist. All artwork will be on display and available for purchase at the Misfit Pictures HQ directly following completion. August 13th CHILDREN’S POOL featuring Victoria Huff Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.07.47 PMI83A0182  “Children’s Pool” Victoria Huff  

































September 17th “WINDANSEA SHACK” featuring Scott Prior 6pm "The Misfit Pictures HQ must succeed so beautiful things like this can happen."This is my daily mantra.Scott W. Prior two minutes ago at Windansea.Scott is our featured artist this month for the La Jolla Plein Air Series.Come see his two paintings revealed at the HQ this Saturday during our Call for Artists mixer 7-10pm.@scottwprior @vtoriahuff @beardart @petrakavanagh @best.of.sandiego @lajollabluebook @windanseasurfclub @misfitpictureshq Scott W. Prior in 2016. "Windansea Vibes" Created Thursday, revealed last night. As you can see, the La Jolla Plein Air Series marches on beautifully.  We have 4 examples of this local original art series hanging proudly at the HQ. Come see it.  Every month we pair our favorite artists with iconic La Jolla seascapes and just stand back and watch. I am beyond proud of all the talent that exudes from our little community and we are trying our damnedest to showcase it. Please support the HQ or soon it may be gone. @scottwprior @vtoriahuff @fay_wyles @oceanartbykoniakowsky @beardart @ et al. @best.of.sandiegoTonight we unveiled "Kissing the Sky" from Scott W. Prior at the HQ @scottwprior  Some of you might recognize this iconic surf spot near Windansea. If so, ever jump from rock to rock here?  Scott has three amazing originals at the HQ Art Gallery and we couldn't be happier. He's rad. Come see them soon.  I will post "The Shack" next. October 22nd LA JOLLA COAST PATH featuring Faye Wyles and Wade Koniakowsky
Wade Koniakowsky has 2 incredible plein air masterpieces of La Jolla at the Misfit Gallery and is donating 35% of sales to Keith Boyd's recovery fund. Gofundme/keithboyd @oceanartbykoniakowsky  Message me if interested. @keefb760screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-57-01-am