ATTENTION FRIENDS WHO FISH. The Misfit Gallery was gifted a brand new grill by a wonderful supporter who sees all the community events we are involved with. I am now reaching out to all my known fishing enthusiast to share the wealth when they score on the open seas. Misfit Gallery Fish Taco Fridays Coming Soon. In addition, this grill can be borrowed by responsible folks for any and all events if needed. Bonus Read: background artwork was created by @hugocrosthwaite who is one week into a two week mural stint at Liberty Station if you want to see his amazing creative process in person. Trust me on this one, you do. And two, that’s a photo of Gallery regular Castillo ripping up 1963. (Courtesy of @1970marsh ) Much love to all @sandiegofishingcharters @elpescadorfishmarket @ocearch @windanseasurfclub @sandiegofiredept @rimelsrotisserie

Photo taken at: Misfit Pictures HQ

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