Tonight. VIP Undercover Invite. If you see Roger Beal’s mug right now you are invited to the Misfit Gallery for a very special sneak peek at Video Lew’s opus on Windansea in the 1980s. I recently received a DVD of Lew’s that is in pretty rough condition and have been able to pull off the first 2 chapters of 9. So far, about an hour of footage is viewable. Doors at 6. Video Lew footage from 7-8pm. Special Guest Footage includes Mikko, James Mitchell, David Eggers, Skip Frye, Roger Beal, David Anderson, Andre Viegas, Ozstar, Senneff, Phillips, Smith, Richard Kenvin, Littlemores, Bakers, Hans (both of them), my brother Dennis, Ortner, Larry, Linds, Bob Pierce…pretty much everyone out there. This film is magically beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Just like Windansea. Adults only. Hope to see you tonight @beaverstake @rogerbealsurf @pannikinlajolla @mitchssurfshop @harryscoffeeshop

Photo taken at: Misfit Pictures HQ

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